Changing DNS Name Servers using

Changing DNS Name Servers using

This guide assumes you have allready purchased a domain through

1) Visit and login with your account details.

2) Click on My Account (currently top right on the website 31/05/10)

3) Now click on My Products on the left hand menu. Then select Domain Manager.

4) You will have a new web browser window open and showing the Domain Manager.

5) Select the domain name you wish to update the name servers on from the list. Click on the domain name to open up its settings.

6) Now you should see a screen showing the domain name information, Enhancements and related products.

7) At the lower left, you should see Name Servers. Click manage.

8) Select " I have specific nameservers for my domains. " and enter the following information into nameserver 1 and 2.

Name server 1 =

Name server 2 =

Click OK to proceed.

9) You will see the following message " Your changes have been submitted. Please allow a few minutes for the changes to take effect. " Click ok to finish.

10) You can now close and logout of It may take upto 48hrs for the DNS Name Servers to update around the world.

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