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We normally post to announce new features, bringing you exciting new extras and adding even more value to our hosting packages.

However, this time we are removing one in order to improve service.

We’ve been using R1Soft for years now to backup our hosting packages daily however over the last 6 months we’ve had a list of problems including failed backups, corrupt images, slow restores, performance degradation and more - all of which will be detailed in a blog post soon.

As we rely on R1Soft to keep your data safe we feel we can no longer trust it and have been looking for a replacement for a long time. Just as we were toying with the idea of creating a solution ourselves, someone has come up with exactly what we’ve been looking for.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be removing R1Soft completely and moving to Bacula4Hosts. This is built on Bacula, an open source application which has been in active development for the last 10+ years.

There are some huge improvements that’ll come with moving to Bacula4Hosts. Here’s just a handful:

Faster backup speeds
Faster server restores
Reliable MySQL backups
Much better support from the vendor
No performance degradation during backups
Ability for end users to restore both files and databases from within cPanel

R1Soft does have a reputation for being one of the leading backup solutions for hosts but their product is getting worse with each release, their cPanel integration simply doesn’t work and there is absolutely no support for any of the problems we raised with them.
Bacula4Hosts is a new solution, but having tested this over the last couple of months we’re confident this already works much better than R1Soft and that having the ability to restore files and databases directly within cPanel will be a welcomed addition.

Please be aware that this means there will be no historical R1Soft backups once the seeding begins so we strongly recommend making sure you have a full backup of your account, just in case a software update goes wrong or a database is removed.

Once the server is switched onto Bacula4Hosts you’ll see a yellow icon in cPanel with the word ‘Backups’ underneath.


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Saturday, July 14, 2012

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